• The Ohio State University
    • Associate Professor
    • Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
      Department of Economics
      John Glenn College of Public Affairs

  • National Bureau of Economic Research
    • Research Associate

  • Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
    • Co-editor

  • Journal of Health Economics
    • Associate Editor

Interests: Health and environmental economics
Alex Hollingsworth is an associate professor at The Ohio State University with joint appointments in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics; the Department of Economics; and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a co-editor at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, and an associate editor at the Journal of Health Economics. Hollingsworth is an applied microeconomist who examines how regulations affect health with interests in environmental economics, population health, substance abuse, and access to care. His research has been published in outlets including American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, the Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of Human Resources. His research has been covered by Scientific American, the Washington Post, CNBC, the Atlantic, VOX, and the Los Angeles Times. He also co-hosts a podcast, The Hidden Curriculum with Sebastian Tello-Trillo. The Hidden Curriculum aims to cover topics relevant to academic life with a focus on things that are not formally taught in graduate school.

    Working Papers


    Work in Progress
    • Cognitive performance and air pollution: Evidence from India.

      Patrick Carlin, Alex Hollingsworth, and Jamie Mullins.

      NUMBER 15
    • Public insurance expansions, HIV and risky behavior: The role of PrEP.

      Ben Harrell, Alex Hollingsworth, Sam Mann, Shyam Raman, and Katherine Wen.

      NUMBER 17

    • The Ohio State University

      • PUBAFRS 3000: Public policy analysis

        , 2023-

      • AEDECON 6330: Cost-benefit analysis

        , 2022-

      Indiana University

      • SPEA-H 124: Overview of the U.S. health care system

        , 2015-2023

      • SPEA-H 455: Health industry regulation

        , 2022

      • SPEA-H 524: Health industry regulation

        , 2017- 2023

      • SPEA-V 506: Statistical analysis for effective decision making

        , 2018- 2022

      • SPEA-P 764: Seminar in policy analysis

        , 2021-2023

      University of Arizona

      • Economics 323: The economics of sports

        , 2014

      • Economics 371: Economic development

        , 2013

      • Economics 330: Macroeconomic and global institutions and policy

        , 2012